The mission of I AM UNBEATABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people.

Everyone has the right to live free of violence.

I AM UNBEATABLE aims to educate through photography to understand the dangers associated with domestic violence.

To recognize the warning signs.
To know that love has nothing to do with violence.

By photographs and video narratives I Am Unbeatable will become a joined archive put together in a repository to create a history of the movement over the past forty years.

“Welcome to our website dedicated to people against domestic violence. This website is meant for many voices. Think of a round table about violence in the home. Lets share what we know. I’m a photo-journalist covering domestic violence for 30 years, ever since I saw a man beat a woman and it woke me up. But this is not my story. If you have had experiences with domestic violence, we want your voice. We want the stories of people who know this. And we welcome photographers and artists who have something to show. Be open. Men are welcome. But don’t come here to blame women for something that you can confront as your own. Remember, if we want to end domestic violence, we’ve got to rattle the cage.”

—Donna Ferrato