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A gripping visual journey into domestic violence. Since 1981, award-winning photojournalist, Donna Ferrato, has broken down the doors of American homes to expose the horror, secrecy and widespread abuse of women in their own homes. Living With The Enemy explores the hurt, shame and anger of women, children and their abusers in black & white photographs and includes the story behind each image, as well as factual information on domestic violence in America.  

Introduction by Ann Jones/ Edited by Melissa Harris/ Design by Philip Jones Griffiths/ 175 pages

“Donna Ferrato’s book clearly visualizes the terror of battered women. The pictures graphically show the shocking reality of domestic violence in this country. Statistics show that four million women a year are battered and four a day are killed. Ms. Ferrato’s book is a vital publication for educating the public to a national crisis that is very much the American way of life.” -National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“I have been familiar with Donna Ferrato and her interest in this subject for several years. I have seen her photographs and marveled at them. No one has ever gotten closer to the evil and confused center of domestic violence; no one has ever shown it with more sympathy and understanding.” -Richard B. Stolley, Editorial Director, Time-Warner

“Donna Ferrato has captured the anguish of relationships wracked by rage. These chilling photographs of beaten wives and girlfriends locked in affairs turned vicious are not easy to look at. But that can’t be helped. There is no simple, sanitized way to spotlight this devastating national problem and teach those in trouble that they are not alone.” -Fred Mann, Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine


Living With The Enemy is now out of print, but can be found on Amazon.

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