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Domestic Violence


2016    TIME Lightbox: "Pioneering Pictures of Domestic Violence"


2016    Huffington Post: "Behind the Photos That Changed How America Saw Domestic Violence”


2014     Animal New York: “An Interview With Donna Ferrato About Why Everyone Needs To Watch Ray Rice Knock Out His Wife”


2012    New York Times Lens Blog: "Leaving Abuse Behind”


2012    TIME Lightbox: "I Am Unbeatable: Donna Ferrato's Commitment to Abused Women”


2011    New York Times Lens Blog: "Helping the People Beyond the Pain"


1998    Mother Jones: "Violence Lessons”


1993    The New York Times: "Battered Women: How Pictures Speak”


1993     The New York Times: Whitney Museum Appropriates Images Without Permission


1989    People Magazine: "A Love Betrayed, A Brief Life Lost”,,20119560,00.html



2015     Sandi Klein’s Conversations With Creative Women: Donna Ferrato


2013    Vogue Italia: "Focus On Donna Ferrato”


2012    Look3: "INSight Artist Donna Ferrato”


2012    Burn Magazine: "A Conversation with Donna Ferrato”


2011    Fotoevidence: "Fotowitness: Donna Ferrato”


“Thank you especially for working to stop domestic abuse by documenting the human toll of this heartbreaking problem.”

-Laura Bush


“Photographer Donna Ferrato has captured the look of battering couples with her camera. Her work helped me to see the reality of the consequences of violence even more clearly.” -  Dr. Lenore E. Walker, author of “The Battered Woman” & “Terrifying Love”


“I became familiar with Ms. Ferrato’s work when she did the award-winning photographs for a two-part series in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. I have continued to have contact with her during the past three years and am consistently impressed with the quality of her work. Donna Ferrato has taken some of the most poignant, moving photographs of the many “faces” involved in domestic violence. Educating more people about the extreme levels of violence against women and children is one method for preventing future violence. I truly believe that [Living With The Enemy] will be a powerful educational tool that will reach thousands of people never reached before.”

- Sue Osthoff, Director of the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women


“Donna Ferrato’s photographs of domestic violence point up to her concern as a humanistic photographer helping us to understand human behavior. She has enlightened us about an ugly subject which for many years was visually unexplored. Her photographs provide deeper revelation and insight through their capture of spontaneous, unplanned, unposed, and unpredictable moments.” - Howard Chapnick

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