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Hedda Nussbaum was a smart, well educated young woman with kind, hard working parents who raised her in a loving home.


By all standards, Hedda’s life was ordinary. She dreamt to meet a man who would inspire her. When Hedda met Joel Steinberg she had no doubt he was that man. A successful attorney, he charmed her and appeared to have endless love for her. This is the story: Hedda lost everything and her journey back to the land of the living made her an Unbeatable woman.

Many years after leaving him she succeeded in her civil damage action against Steinberg for the physical and psychological injuries he inflicted. In this unique ruling, the Court suspended the one-year statute of limitations for civil assault claims because Hedda as a result of Steinberg's treatment, was rendered "unable to function overall in society." 

This decision benefits countless battered women in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Hedda featured by on People Magazine - Photos by Donna Ferrato

Donna Ferrato | Director

Julia Sdrigotti | Voice Over

Nico Muhly | Composer

Tomeu Coll | Editor and Designer

Mason Dowling | Technical Consultant

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