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The mission at I AM UNBEATABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children, featuring personal stories, interviews and photographs.

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Everyone has the right to live free of violence.

I AM UNBEATABLE aims to educate through photography to understand the dangers associated with domestic violence.

  • To recognize the warning signs.

  • To know that love has nothing to do with violence.

  • By photographs and video narratives I Am Unbeatable will become a joined archive put together in a repository to create a history of the movement since 1982.

“Welcome to the sanctuary for people who wish to help wipe out violence against women and children. This is collection of stories told to me throughout many years come from people who've been through it. 

My photography has been used like work horses consistently bringing breaking news through global media outlets.

They've created an awareness of a social disease since the stone age. It's a problem. These shared stories, video interviews and photographs are proof."

—Donna Ferrato

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