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The mission of I AM UNBEATABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people.

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The mission of I AM UNBEATABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people.  To expose, document, and raise awareness of domestic violence through an archive of stories, photographs, and video narratives. We believe that by working together to open people's eyes to the devastating toll abuse takes on all of us and by helping people who are searching for a way to end the violence, we will make the home a safe place for everyone. 


I AM UNBEATABLE grew out of Domestic Abuse Awareness, Inc, a non-profit organization founded by Ferrato in 1991. Domestic Abuse Awareness provided photographic exhibitions for battered women’s organizations to use for fundraising purposes, inspiring people to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to various shelters and programs. The images have been used by President Bill Clinton in a television spot for his re-election campaign (1996), by Oprah Winfrey on a show that illustrated the effects of domestic violence on children (1996), and in a New York City educational subway and bus campaign sponsored by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (1993).

We want to help women to learn their rights and to live free of violence. Every woman is unbeatable. 

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